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Alabama's Top 10 Best Bookstores to Find Used Books, Rare Books, and More

Alabama has a lot of great bookstores, but these 10 + are some of the best.

Alabama's Best Bookstores

Homecoming Book Cafe in Birmingham, AL is one of the top bookstores in Alabama. They have an extensive selection of books, and they also offer a relaxing atmosphere with coffee and other beverages. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the store's selection. They also have events for children and adults alike to enjoy.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 best bookstores in Alabama.

Alabama is a state with a rich literary history. There are many people who love reading and books. But what are the best bookstores in Alabama? Let’s find out!


#1. Half Price Books- Birmingham

#2. Friends of The Library- Tuscaloosa

#3. Auburn Oil Co. Booksellers-Auburn

#4. Read Herring- Montgomery

#5. The Alabama Booksmith- Birmingham

#6. Shades of Pemberley Bookstore-Albertville

#7. The Haunted Book Shop- Mobile

#8. Booklegger Used Books - Huntsville

#9. Ernest & Hadley Booksellers-Tuscaloosa

#10. New South Books- Montgomery

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