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Becoming an Audiobook

Author April Thomas and her first book Endurnace


Endurance Becoming an Audiobook


Help us turn Endurance into an audiobook In the 6th grade, a close friend encouraged me to write. I told her I had nothing to write about, but I'll do it. Of course, I was just trying to get her to stop nagging me about it. Well, the joke was on me. I discovered writing was something I just could not get enough of.


I spun a tale about these runaways and wrote about them obsessively until I hit a major wall. As I was about to enter high school, I realized that I had no real-life experience, and my stories started sounding the same. Years later married and trying to understand my purpose in life. My sister suddenly began to encourage me to write. She coaxed me until I again caved, mainly to shut her up.

I sat down at the computer and began to type, allowing the scene to unfold; my fingers started to type what my mind's eye was seeing. The emotions coming from the story felt like a sucker punch. I became hot and cold and nauseous. I jumped from my computer, covering my hand with my mouth, running to the bathroom to throw up. However, my legs became weak, and I fell. I lay on the floor, confused and shocked by the turn of events. When I was able to get up. I cautiously walked to my desktop computer and read what I had typed. I was only a paragraph of a story now told in my fourth book titled "Apathy" it was a story of a woman named Delores.

One Month Later

It took me almost a month before I could attempt to write again with my sister's persistent encouragement. I decided I needed to face the unknown and try again. This time I would be wise. I would write in a notebook, and I will revisit the story I wrote in middle school. To my surprise, it seemed like the characters had been waiting for me all these years. The story flowed through me; naturally, I rarely felt hungry or thirsty; all I wanted to do was write. In three weeks, I completed my first novel. I had no idea what I was doing and how to go about the next step, and like most authors, I fumbled and fell flat on my face into the publishing world. Today I am working to turn my first book into an audiobook series.

About Endurance

The Endurance Series is a multi-character story filled with romance, adventure, and Mystery. The main character, Mei, is a mix of Asian and Trinidadian. She is sixteen at the beginning of the story, and she faces that no one would save her from her situation. She gives one last plea out to the Universe that, in her eyes, goes unanswered. She takes matters into her own hands, and she soon discovers her voice and is backed with a force she did not see coming. Endurance would be a fantastic audiobook, and with your help, we can make that a reality. Please click here to back this project.  



The villain of Endurance : The Power Within


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