Demented Episode One - Aprilathomas

Demented Episode One

I remember when the inspiration for my book "Demented" struck me.  In my mind's eye played out a murder scene where a husband was being accused of killing his wife and possible his one-year-old child. Originally this was how the book started out, but through revisions and revamping. I decided to give it a more informative beginning, I went back to the very beginning of the story when Kaleb first met his wife Megan, while on a birthday get away with his current girlfriend Simone. 

I put together an online audio series of this book for people to enjoy and hopefully leave a comment on what they think about the actions of the characters. In this blog post I am sharing the first episode of Demented. Please subscribe, Like and share and let's get a discussion going in the comment section of the video.

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