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What is a Hybrid Ebook?

What is a Hybrid Ebook?

This is a new form of ebook that allows readers to switch between reading and listening with a tap of their finger. That means you can read for 5 minutes, then listen for 5 minutes, and then repeat as you please. So whether you're commuting, cooking dinner, or having some downtime at the office - you'll always be able to stay in the story.

Our First Hybrid Ebook is Feral, warning this book is hot!

When Azura found herself alone in the woods, she never thought she'd be saved by wolves. But when her family shunned her for being different, she didn't have a choice. Raised by the pack, Azura learned the ways of the wild and loved every minute of it. That was before she was discovered by a hunter, who killed her wolf mother and siblings. Now she has been reunited with her family, and although they fought hard to remold her into their liking she remained wild.

Check out our first edition of our Hybrid Ebook below. You can sample the first chapter, or purchase the full book through the link provided below.

Click here to listen to the first Episode of Feral




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