I was facing 17 years in prison, My faith was being tested. - Aprilathomas

I was facing 17 years in prison, My faith was being tested.


WALKING ON WATER IN MY STILETTOS: HOW GOD CHANGED MY FAITH-WALK Have you ever been in a situation where CHANGE jumped up and slapped you in the face? Well, that very thing happened to me when God took me through a very public and personal season of change. A season of change that forced me to sit up, take notice and realize that my life was literally SPIRALING OUT OF CONTROL!!! This season of CHANGE turned out to be a life SAVING and life CHANGING experience for me and taught me that it'll look different from person to person. While writing this book, God took me on a journey of SELF-DISCOVERY that showed me how every experience, every trial, every tribulation, every heartache and every heartbreak was necessary for me to be who I am and where I am, today! This journey brought me to the door of ACCEPTANCE and GROWTH that required me to answer one (1) simple question, ‘In what way is CHANGE demanding entrance into my life,’ to grant me entrance. I challenge you to read this book and begin to answer the question for yourself: “In what way is change knocking on my door demanding entrance?” If you are looking for personal self-acceptance, forgiveness, happiness and wholeness, learn to love the woman looking back at you in the mirror and become the woman you're created, destined and purposed to be, then this book IS for you. It will provide you with a road map to discover what I learned, in your own life. My story shows you that when CHANGE slaps you in the face you can no longer camouflage the cracks in the masks you wear daily, just like I couldn't. Michelle P. Jones is the youngest daughter and child born to Rev. Cooper L. and Evang. Marva E. Bledsoe. She is the proud mother of three: DeShawn, Jeramey and Christian, and the loving grandmother to three: Amari, Amani and Ayden. Michelle is dedicated to sharing the message of hope, love, forgiveness and acceptance with anyone willing to listen and believes that it is only when we first learn to give it to our self that we can freely give it away to others. In her spare time, Michelle loves to read, write, listen to music and watch Sci-fi movies. https://www.amazon.com/Walking-Water-Stilettos-Michelle-Jones-ebook/dp/B07J3NFYND/ref=sr_1_8?keywords=Michelle+P.+Jones&qid=1645148694&sr=8-8

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