A Handsome man standing on the beach besides the book cover of a book titled Broken by April Thomas

**Broken: Somethings are meant to be broken**

In the ongoing spiritual war between God's chosen and Satan's insidious legion, a family's unity is put to the ultimate test when a loved one mysteriously disappears. **Amidst the chaos, three remarkable highlights emerge, capturing attention and drawing readers into a captivating tale of love, passion, and resilience.**

Highlight 1: **Maxwell Martinez - The Unyielding Pillar of Strength**

Maxwell Martinez finds himself thrust into the role of the family's unwavering anchor. With his younger brother battling demons in Trinidad and Tobago, his son away at college, and the family business demanding his attention, Maxwell must summon every ounce of courage and determination to hold his loved ones together.

Highlight 2: **Cressida Dash - A Fiery Lawyer, Ignited by Unexpected Love**

Cressida Dash, the family lawyer, always harbored a secret torch for Maxwell's younger brother. But fate has other plans in store when an unexpected encounter literally brings her into Maxwell's arms. **Unleashing a torrent of unrevealed emotions and an undeniable passion,** Cressida and Maxwell become entangled in a love affair that defies all expectations.

Highlight 3: **Betrayal, Solace, and Rum-Fueled Redemption**

Haunted by an argument with her deceitful and overbearing father and repeatedly let down by blind dates, Cressida seeks solace in a bottle of rum. **As her world unravels, she discovers an unexpected source of strength within herself,** leading to a journey of self-discovery, redemption, and finding love where she least expected it.

**Broken: Somethings are meant to be broken** is a gripping tale that delves deep into the realms of human emotions, highlighting the power of love, resilience, and the intricate dance between destiny and choice. Prepare to be captivated by this enthralling story of shattered bonds, unexpected connections, and the relentless pursuit of healing and hope.

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