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 Finalist in 2023 Bookfest

In the heart of North Florida lies a hidden world, where secrets dwell and love blooms amidst forbidden circumstances. "Forbidden" takes you on an extraordinary adventure, where the echoes of a captivating romance reverberate through the depths of a sacred cave.


Amahle, a courageous woman in search of solace, finds herself in the clutches of danger. Just as all hope seems lost, a mysterious figure emerges from the shadows—Tokoda, a hero concealed by the rugged beauty of the cave's labyrinthine chambers. Bound by an undeniable connection, their fates intertwine in a love that defies all odds.

As their relationship deepens, Amahle and Tokoda embark on an emotional journey, navigating the complexities of their forbidden love. Caught between the yearning of their hearts and the constraints of society, they must confront the forces that threaten to tear them apart. Yet, the unity they discover transcends mere romance, bridging the divide between the indigenous peoples of America, celebrating the resilience and strength of their heritage.

Within the depths of the cave, danger lurks, and ancient mysteries unfold. The unique setting envelops readers, immersing them in the raw beauty of untamed nature and the whispers of hidden treasures. Vivid descriptions of sun-drenched cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and sacred rites intertwine with the palpable emotions of love, sacrifice, and redemption. 

An indigenous father and daughter

With every turn of the page, "Forbidden" beckons readers to explore the uncharted territories of their own hearts. Will love conquer the boundaries imposed by society and culture? Can Amahle and Tokoda find the strength to defy expectations and forge a path towards true unity and understanding?

Written with evocative language and a sense of urgency that grips the soul, "Forbidden" is an unforgettable adventure romance that resonates with the human desire for connection and the courage to love against all odds. Delve into this mesmerizing tale and discover the power of love's triumph over adversity and the unity that can be found amidst the unlikeliest of circumstances.

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