Spirit I




Natasha Sizemoore paced her dorm room on the verge of tears. She struggled with the thought of becoming a mother for the first time. Grabbing a scrunchy from off of a nearby dresser, she wrapped her golden blonde locks into a ponytail. Her blue eyes searched wildly around the room as if looking for a distraction. She was not ready to take on parenthood and feared missing out on college to raise a child.


"I'm only nineteen,” she cried out.


"Are you okay?" Megan, her roommate, questioned as she stepped into their dorm room. She looked at Natasha curiously. "You look sick," she added, walking closer to her.


"This is bad," Natasha cried. "What happened, Tasha?"

"I don't know what to do," Natasha whispered as she threw herself down on her bed.


"Talk to me. You’re acting crazy," Megan said, sitting on the bed beside her.


"How could I have been so stupid?”


"Don't tell me you failed your physics exam?" Megan questioned sarcastically.


"Much worse; my life is over. Tamarius is going to be disappointed."


"Spit it out; you’re starting to drive me crazy!" "I'm pregnant," she finally cried out.

"By Tamarius?"


"Yes, by Tamarius. By whom else would I be pregnant?" she retorted.


"Just asking; no need to get defensive. College is supposed to be fun – things happen."


"Maybe to you, but not me. Tamarius is my first and only. I plan to keep it that way."

"How do you think he's going to take this news?" Megan questioned, watching Natasha stand and pace the floor again.


"He will most likely dump me." "No, Tamarius is a good guy." "He doesn't like kids."

"How do you know? Have you ever seen him with one?"


"No, well… he has a nephew he won't shut up about," Natasha muttered as she ran her hands through her hair.



"A nephew? What's his name?" Megan asked, attempting to lighten the subject.

"I don't know. Mark or Marcus. I don't care," Natasha snapped.


"Are you sure it's Tamarius who doesn't want a kid or you?" Megan retorted.

Natasha paused for a moment from her pacing and gave her roommate a dirty look.


Megan stood and walked towards the door. Stopping, she rested her hand on the doorknob. She looked back at Natasha who retained a heavy glare.


"Yes, this is a tough situation you and Tamarius are in, but it's not the end of your life...or his.

You have a baby growing inside of you. Most women would worry about being able to clothe and feed that child. You’re privileged not to have that problem. You need to be honest with the real reason you don't want this child." Megan opened the door and left, leaving Natasha to think about what she had said.

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