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The Toxic Series

Welcome to The Toxic Series

Discover a world where love transcends all boundaries in our captivating collection of urban romance novels!

Dive into diverse love stories

Join the journey crafted by 8 incredible authors: April Thomas, Tela Allen, D'Nyel Jackson, Shelli Marie, Chante Renè, Author Snow, Summer Grant, and Deidre LaShay as they weave tales of love that know no limits.

Experience a twist on romance

Explore urban love stories like never before with our African American romance novels that delve into interracial relationships set against vibrant city backdrops.

Magic meets multiculturalism

Get lost in mystical romance as diverse characters find love in unexpected ways. Our stories blend multicultural elements with a touch of magic to create unforgettable tales of passion and enchantment.

Celebrate black love

Experience the beauty of black protagonists in urban fiction as they navigate the complexities of relationships with mysticism and charm.

A tapestry of multicultural love

Embark on a journey where interracial couples shine in romantic tales filled with urban flair. Our novels celebrate the richness of multicultural love stories with a magical twist that will leave you spellbound.