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Love. Hates. War.

Nalah is a Nirvatran, running for her life and the life of those she loves. Kahlan hates nothing more than a Nirvatran, especially a female who seems able to outsmart him in every way. His only focus is to hunt, kill and move on.

Love is a battlefield.

The story takes place in another dimension where two tribes of people live. One tribe is called Nirvatran. They respect life and nature and are more spiritually oriented. The second group, Navah, is selfish and cold and views love as a disease. 

Love... It has a funny way of turning on you.

"Hello, it's me, April, author of Nirvatra. I just wanted to share the inspiration behind this book."

This short trilogy was created during NaNoWriMo in 2014. However, the story goes much farther back. I began to work on this story in 2002. I was inspired to write about an alien planet with four opposing kingdoms. However, I wanted each domain to be represented by people with four different skin colors, but I hit a wall with the story. One day I watched a show on the 'Travel Channel' about Spiritual Travel. I came across a story of a couple who traveled to Sedona, Arizona. They were taking pictures of the sunrise or the sunset when they captured an image of a man with pointy ears and deep blue skin enjoying the sunset beside them. The couple insisted this person was not there when they took the picture, and they had no idea how he got there. When they took the picture, no blue-pointed ear man showed up; I believe it was after they had the pictures developed. So there was talk of the camera capturing a glimpse of another dimension. That eventually inspired me to write Nirvatra. At the same time, every other story focused on a distant planet out in space. My mind focused on our planet and all
the wonders yet to be discovered.

Product Specs:

Audio Length 6h:21M

Can be played on all devices, but some mobile devices may require an additional all such as Book Play or Smart Audiobook Reader, both apps are free.  


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