Broken (Ebook) - Aprilathomas
April Thomas

Broken (Ebook)

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Cressida Dash...
Today I needed a drink, after dealing with my soulless father, I figured one shot of rum would help me deal with this blind date I was suckered into. However, I became unbelievably drunk fell off my barstool and into the waiting arms of Maxwell Martinez. Maybe it was the alcohol, but this man is gorgeous, yet strange. He is sexy but too deep into the unknown.

Could I be that thirsty that I would crave the older brother of my deepest crush? The good friend of my older brother? This has to be some kind of a cosmic joke being played on me. How can I, a level-headed attorney fall for a man who believes he’s some sort of spiritual warrior? Somewhere along the way, I fell out of my sane world and into his brazen adventure.

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