Codex and The Being of Karma - Aprilathomas

Codex and The Being of Karma (Audiobook Coming Soon!)

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Karma is making her rounds, and death is close behind her... The women of the Martinez family return, however, they are not the damsels in distress that they once were. When the family has to split up in order to help save close friends and family members, they are all put to the challenge, and death must test one of them. The pain of losing a loved one can cause insanity. Satan hopes that this will be his one chance to destroy the spiritual warriors of the Martinez family forever.

The Endurance Series is a story about one family’s personal experience in love, family, and spiritual warfare. In the first book: ‘Endurance The Power Within’ we learn of Mei and the life tragedy that later leads her to victory over negativity and oppression. In the first book; we also experience the beginning of Mei and Max’s epic love that spreads, and transforms those around them to discover the love they have always been searching for, and to live life with a meaningful purpose.

Broken is the second book of the series. Some things are meant to be broken when Max and Mei begin their college years they have to learn to work together to be an effective team against the enemy. Spirit is the third book of the series taking you back in time to experience the life-changing events that certain family members endured to bring them to their present point in life. Apathy is the fourth book of the series. In the fourth book, the family sets out to help the son of a close family friend. Little do they know it will turn out to be a much greater adventure than they had expected.

The Endurance Series is a great fun-filled book with many unpredictable twists and turns to keep your imagination running with excitement. It is told in a way that will inspire your own sense of adventure and mystery, even stirring up those profound feelings of eternal love. Don’t let another day go by without enjoying this intoxicating story of love and war.

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