Custom Character Book Cover

Introducing our Character-Driven Book Cover Crafting Service!

Are you struggling to create a book cover that truly captivates your audience and motivates them to read through to the very end? Crafting a compelling book cover can be challenging, but worry no more! We are here to take the stress off your shoulders and bring your characters to life on the cover, ensuring that your book gets the attention it deserves.


- Bring Your Characters to Life: Our skilled team of designers excels in creating character-driven book covers that vividly portray your protagonists and key figures. This way, your readers will connect with your characters even before they turn the first page.

- Full Ownership of Images: Unlike some other services, we firmly believe in granting you full ownership of the cover images. You can use them without any limitations, ensuring there are no usage issues or copyright concerns.

- Stand Out from the Crowd: Your book cover is guaranteed to stand out in a sea of generic designs. Our tailor-made approach ensures that your cover perfectly matches the essence of your story, making it all the more appealing to potential readers.


- Increased Reader Attraction: A well-crafted character-driven book cover has the power to draw readers in and pique their curiosity. More readers attracted means greater chances of your book getting noticed and read.

- Motivate Readers to Finish: A captivating cover not only entices readers to start your book but also motivates them to read through to the end. When your cover accurately represents the essence of your story, readers will be eager to discover what lies within.

- Perfect Marketing Assets: With this package, you receive not only a full cover design and an ebook cover but also two character images that you can leverage in your marketing efforts. These images can be used in promotional materials, social media campaigns, and more, helping you build anticipation for your book's release.

Package Contents:

1. Full Cover Design: A complete book cover that showcases your characters and theme, professionally designed to catch the eyes of potential readers.

2. eBook Cover: A digital version of your book cover, optimized for online platforms and e-readers, ensuring your book looks fantastic in any format.

3. Two Character Images: High-quality images of your main characters, which you can utilize in various marketing materials, enhancing your promotional efforts.

Required Information:

To get started, we'll need the following details from you:

- Page Count
- Book Size (e.g., 6x9, 5x8, etc.)
- Two Main Colors for the Cover
- Themed Elements to Incorporate
- Character Descriptions
- Book Description or Scene for the Cover Representation

Send in the above information to

Turnaround Time:

Our team is dedicated to providing you with top-notch service. The typical turnaround time for this package is up to two weeks, but it may vary depending on the complexity of your requirements.

Don't let a subpar book cover hinder the success of your masterpiece! Let our Character-Driven Book Cover Crafting Service help you create an eye-catching and meaningful cover that will captivate your readers and bring your characters to life. Contact us today to get started on your book cover journey!

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