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Endurance (Audiobook Coming Soon!)

Endurance (Audiobook Coming Soon!)

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Mei sat in a dimly lit building

fighting the depths of unconsciousness.

She was amazed that she hadn’t passed out by now.


Her strength had returned, and she lifted her head, looking up at Thomas. He stood smugly, glaring down at her. Another contraction came, and Mei screamed in pain. Instinctively, she wanted to curl into the fetal position, but her arms had been tied behind her back. Her legs were tied to each leg of the chair. Blood from her head injury blinded her eyes. A dirty cloth was tied tightly around her mouth, causing the sides of her mouth to tear.

“Perfect timing. Soon I will bring your baby into the world and let you watch as I kill him. Then I’m going to slowly kill you," Thomas growled. He was unrecognizable; he looked like a madman.

Mei began to cry. She knew something terrible was about to happen when she met her mother for lunch.

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