Endurance: The Power Within


"No!" Jacob Gordon shouts: his heart raced, his mind already foreseeing his darkest fears. Jacob's will to protect whom he loved went into action. Energy sped through him and onto the vehicle excelling towards his wife when abruptly the car came to a screeching halt. He rushed across the gas station's parking just in time. Song's knees buckled as her legs lost their sturdiness. Despite the distance between them, Jacob was there to catch her in a blink of an eye.
Startled, Song looked at her husband, stunned by what had just happened. She turned her head, and her eyes locked with the stunned driver. "Are you okay?" Jacob was out of breath as he questioned his wife. He checked over her seeing that she was not physically harmed. Jacob took her hand as they walked past the damaged vehicle. The driver exited his car and scratched his head as he observed an unmistakable handprint embedded into the hood of his car.
"H-How did you do that?" Song asked. "I know it was you, but you were nowhere near that car."

"We can talk about it when we get to my aunt and uncle's house," Jacob said as he rushed her to their car. He opened the passenger's side and guided her into the front seat. "Put on your seat belt; we should be there in a few minutes."
Song's eyes glanced over the gas station parking lot; people were beginning to gather around the driver and pointing back at her.
Jacob had entered the driver's side and immediately took off in the direction of his relatives' home. The engine's sound was all that was heard until they reached his aunt's home. Justina and Brandon Gordon waited on the front porch, both already aware of the incident that happened at the gas station.
Jacob guided Song out of the car and introduced her to his aunt and uncle. Song was felt nothing but love coming towards her from his family and felt relieved to be in a safe, loving home. She opened her mouth to express her gratitude when a sharp pain caused her to scream out.
"How far along is she?" Justina questioned her nephew.
"It's too early; she is just eight months." Jacob answered.
"Yes, but she is carrying twins?" Justina added.
"Should we call the ambulance?" Jacob questioned, unsure of what to do.
Song cried out in pain as her water broke, splashing all over the hardwood floors.
"I don't think there is time," Justina answered. "You brought her here because you both wanted a natural birthright?" his aunt reminded him.
"Yes, but I don't want anything bad to happen. I thought we still had at least a month!"
"Brandon, help me get her to the guest room," Justina ordered. She looked over at Jacob and sighed. "I'm going to need you to get it together; you are about to be a father," she said, placing her hands on her hips.
"Why is everything happening so fast?" Jacob complained.
"Cause, these little ones what to meet their aunt and uncle. Go boil some water!"
"Boiling water, okay, I can do that," Jacob said, rushing off towards the kitchen.
Brandon looked over at his wife." What’s the boiling water for?" he asked while swooping Song up into his arms.
"To keep him out of my way," Justina laughed.
Song giggled also, but the pain wouldn't allow her to thoroughly enjoy the joke. Brandon was a large man. He stood about six foot five inches with broad shoulders. For an older gentleman, he seemed to be aging well.
Brandon carried Song up the stairs and to a beautifully decorated guest suite. He placed her on the full-size bed and gave his wife a kiss on the forehead before informing her that he would be downstairs, keeping Jacob out of her way.
Justina turned her full attention towards Song. " I have been a midwife nearly all my life; you have nothing to worry about. I delivered Jacob and all of his cousins, well, most of them," she reassured Song.

"Jacob told me." She said, knowing that she was in good hands.
Justina pulled out a white gown from a dresser draw for Song. "Here, let's get you in this and get you as comfortable as possible."
Song blushed, feeling uncomfortable, but she knew she needed to prepare herself to have her babies.
"Where are you from?" Justina questioned lightly, hoping she could take her mind off what was happening.
"I'm from California; my parents moved to Georgia not too long ago," Song answered.
"And that's where you met the troublemaker," Justina teased.
Song giggled. "Yes, he applied to be a delivery boy for my parent's Chinese restaurant."
Justina smiled; it seemed to be working. Song had already taken off her top and bra as they talked, and Justina placed the gown over her head. "That nephew of mine couldn't stop talking about you, but I loved how happy he became."
Song gasped and clenched her fists into tight balls. Her belly tightened, and she felt the urge to push. "What do I do?" she asked Justina.

"What is your body telling you?" Justina answered. Song looked at her, confused. "I want you to close your eyes and focus on the contraction. What do you feel your body needs right now?"

Song fell silent as she held her eyes closed and born down, focusing her energy on the contraction. Justina moved in sequence with her removing her pants and undergarments. Song put all her might into pushing despite the incredible pain she was enduring.

"You are doing great; just pace yourself." Justina coached while resting her hands on Song's knees. "Breath, and when you're ready, let's push again."
Five minutes passed, and Song began to push again. "Oh, my word!" Justina shouted as she rushed to get a nasal suctions bulb to clear the baby's airway.
"Is he she out?" Song questioned.
"Just the head, you need to keep pushing," Justina answered her calmly, although there was a quiver in her voice. Justina looked down at the little baby, her skin was blue, and she seemed unresponsive.
Song began to push again, freeing the first baby. She leaned back, exhausted yet waiting to hear the first cries of her baby. Before she could question the silence. Another contraction came, and the second baby began to emerge.
Frantically Justina did everything in her power to revive the first baby without drawing attention to herself. She sensed that Song's mind was fragile, and she needed her to be vital to delivering the second baby. Justina called out to her husband, and he came quickly, Jacob in tow. She wrapped the first baby in a white blanket and shoved it into her husband's arms. "Take this one away," she ordered.

Jacob rushed to Song's side and held her hand. "I'm here, baby, whatever you need me to do?" he encouraged.
Song pushed again while squeezing Jacob's hand. The second baby's cries burst into the room Song's heart burst with joy as tears streamed down her face.
"It's a girl!" Justina announced.
"She's beautiful, baby. What should we name her?" Jacob asked his wife.
"Mei, let's name her Mei," Song said before passing out.
Jacob took the baby from his aunt's arms. "Mei Gordon, This is daddy; I love you more than you will ever know."





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